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Selasa, 23 September 2008

Best of High Stakes Poker

Pokertube has this nice look back at some of the best moments on High Stakes Poker, including some behind the scenes, unaired stuff. I don’t know if this got played on GSN also, I imagine it did, but it was cool to find it online.

Have a look!

Eric Seidel Full Tilt Ad

This new Full Tilt ad isn’t quite as funny as the Phil Ivey one that came out last year with his ‘greatest poker face in the world,’ but still better than most of the ones out there. Not sure why I never seem to see these actually funny ads over the hyper-poetic ones on TV. Somebody should send a memo.

Eric Seidel, he really does have a great poker face. He always looks bored to the point of tears.

Anyone seeing this one on the air in their local area? Maybe after 10 PM?

High Stakes Golf

I’ve never been the biggest golf fan in the world, but sometimes it can be pretty hypnotizing if you let yourself get in the mode of watching. I’ve probably spent a couple hours on lazy Sundays a few times each year because I sat down and didn’t feel like changing the channel and got wrapped up in the game.

In case you’re like me and have little interest in golf, it might still be interesting to check out that the guys from High Stakes Poker did a couple of episodes of High Stakes Golf, with some pretty wild betting and otherwise weird golf play (some of them are actually pretty good).

Doyle Brunson is old, but still young enough that he can get out on the green and take some people to the hole. Also included are Phil Ivey, Josh Arieh, Daniel Negreanu, Dewey Tomko, and several others, competing in teams.